Beavers are young people between the ages of 5 ¾ to 8 years girls and boys.

They come to their Colony Meetings to have Fun and make new friends.

The 2nd Morden Beavers meet on a Friday evening between 6:15pm and 7:30pm.

The section leader is Bumble Bee and Raven.



We always have a full programme which in the past have included:

  • My World   - about our community and the world we live in


  • My Adventure – things that I can do 

  • Skills      - doing things for myself and others         

  • Outdoors - attend sleepover and learning about nature           

  • Team Work –be a member of the team            

  • Personal Skills – try something that you find hard to complete

and Activity and Staged Badges you'll gain with the help of your Leaders.

Beavers also attend District events like St Georges Day Parade and visiting

Museums and places of interest. together with outing with their Colony.

If all this looks like fun and you wish to give it a go,

then please click on contact us.